MY aim is to enable, inspire, and help people be great at who they are & what they do

My purpose: To transform lives by unlocking potential.

As a psychotherapist, counsellor & coach, I will help you understand your areas of difficulty, gain relief from present issues and develop resources to Be*Great in the future.

About me…

I am a psychotherapist, counsellor and coach, and what gives me a fulfilled journey is to enable, encourage, inspire and help people be great at who they are and what they do…

I believe that when we meaningfully connect with, and inspire one another, we rise well beyond what we could do alone.

Feel free to get in touch to explore how Existential Therapy, Counselling, & Coaching could benefit you in your personal & professional life journey.

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Your Situations

You might want to come for a session, because of:

  • Stress, Anxiety, Burnout
  • Depression
  • Life Balance
  • Relationship problems
  • OCD, Trauma, Panic Attack…
  • Work & Career
  • Self-understanding & Personal Development

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Services for Individuals

Existential Therapy, Counselling and Coaching to help you successfully navigate through challenges of your personal & professional life.

  • Regain Self-Trust & Self-Esteem
  • Search for Space, Appreciation, Recognition, Safety
  • Search for Meaning in life
  • “I want to be understood!”
  • “I want to be seen!”
  • “I want to be loved!”
  • Grieving Theme

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Services for Teams & Business

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Skills
  • Career & Performance Support
  • Team Development
  • HR Professional Support with Dedicated Programmes

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BE*GREAT visual identity is represented with a compass. A symbolic meaning toward a better understanding of where we go, what is our unique journey, and how we shall get through it with fulfilment…

[ COMPASS ] meaning: from Latin com- (“together”) + passus (“a pace, step, later a pass, way, route”) 

“I will accompany you during your journey toward a free, responsible, and meaningful life..”.

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