my aim is to enable, inspire, and help people be great at who they are & what they do...

My professional career & experiences

Here I’d like to share few words about how my professional career has deeply contributed to bring fantastic experiences at the service of my profession of coach & counsellor.

My very first important professional engagement was at Aerospatial (FR), on the European Satellite Launcher ‘Ariane IV’.
These two years were very intense and of tremendous level of responsibility and accountability; both on the production site near Paris, and in Guyana at the ESA Space Centre.
Our individual & teamwork counted for real, as a large culture-mix of people we were cooperating together to place every month a satellite on Earth orbit.

Then, a Business Development role in the Automotive industry [4 years at Lucas Automotive, which through M&A became TRW] has given me a completely new way to experience a corporate world.
A HQ based in Paris, a car equipment manufacturing plant based up north of Manchester (UK), and clients located all around France and Spain.
These years were a lot about complex communication to be coordinated between many different stakeholders (different languages, cultures, educations, interests and goals). Immense time pressure was driving our daily tempo, all across business departments ranging from pre-concept, prototype, project, quality, buying, logistic, assembly and many more…

At the age of 30, I moved from the Automotive Division to the Aerospace Division [4 years at Lucas Aerospace, which through M&A became TRW and then part of Honeywell] and experience my first management role.
As Aftermarket Director I managed over 100 people across 5 departments: Repair, Spare Parts, Technical Documentation, Training and Sales.
The responsibility was clearly multi-dimensional: First towards the teams (including French Syndicates/Unions), second towards the company Management Board as the Aftermarket was the margin maker vs. OEM, third towards our business partners: Airbus and the Airlines, and fourth, also toward myself, as I had to grow and adapt at a high pace, for example with a MBA accomplished during 2 years in Paris at IFTG.

In 2001, for personal motives I relocated from Paris to Prague.
This was a major life transition and a new professional beginning, when I had to adapt to a new country, culture, language…

After 10 years of a corporate career, I decided to step of the corporate environment and make my first experience as an independent entrepreneur.
I created my own consultancy practice – Business Solutions – dedicated to enable the business owners of small & medium companies to prepare their businesses for a major next step.
As a Professional Business Manager, I dedicated 12 years at the service of companies preparing for Merger & Acquisition, developing on new markets (CEE), professionalising their organisations prior to a planned sale, structuring themselves to embrace a fast pace growth…
During these 12 years my clients were all from very different industries, facing different problematics, at different sizes, cultures, objectives, yet my very intrinsic approach was always primarily focused to enable, federate, align, lead employees towards their company future, vision, and culture.

It felt only natural to finally specialise and dedicate my expertise, skills, passion and experiences to enable, inspire, and encourage individuals, leaders, teams and organisations be great at who they are and what they do.