Our trainings are tailor made and aim at concrete results.


Your corporate culture, your values of company and your model of leadership


are taken into account at the very beginning of our intervention. 


By integrating these key elements we adapt and contextualize our interventions


to guarantee their success and the appropriation of deliverable by our customers.


  • To develop and encourage trust & open communication among team members.
  • To engage in healthy conflict modes
  • To build active commitment to achieve goals
  • To focus on results
  • To master peer-to-peer accountability
  • To define team rules
  • To create new agile and open cooperation styles





  • Set-up of team coaching objectives with both the team leader and team members. 
  • Definition of criteria to measure progress.
  • Implementation of team action plan
  • Assessment centers
  • Follow-up with team and management



Whenever you need, please let us know, we are here to help...