I am focused on helping leaders, teams & organisations be great at who they are & what they do...


Olivier believes that when we meaningfully connect with and inspire one another, we rise well beyond what we could do alone. 

Specializing in strategic communication and leadership, fascinated by human behaviour Olivier has built a career learning and sharing his insights with leading teams and organizations. 

What drives decision-making?  What brings teams together to achieve remarkable results? How do we inspire action and motivate people to say “yes” to joining us in realizing our vision? Olivier proves that trust and purpose, based on a palpable concern for others, are key to having a high performing team.

When we’re clear about why we’re here, where we’re going, who we serve and how we’re getting there, people start to feel valued and fulfilled. As a consequence, the natural response is that people seek out ways to collaborate, execute and bring bold visions to reality. 

This is the reason Olivier believes that for all of our differences, we are stronger together than we could ever be alone. 


Practitioner, Certified Professional Coach

Practitioner is an intensive training programme which merges the world of business leaders and the world of professional coaches.

The ACE is committed to maintaining the highest professional standards, becoming the first and the only Czech coach and leadership training course to be accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (the European Quality Award) and approved by the International Coach Federation (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours)


Existential Coaching, Existential Analysis, Logotherapy, Phenomenology

  • Professionalisation of the existential procedure in coaching and guiding people.
  • Development of the own competency in coaching along the maps of human existence.
  • Personality development.
  • Case reflections and supervision of the own activity in the professional environment

What is existential coaching?

Starts from an existential concept of the human being which sees the human as a dialogical being directed towards the world and confronted with concrete questions from the inner and outer world to be answered personally. This lead to central terms like existence, fulfilment, consent, freedom, responsibility, meaning. Works on the basis of A. Längle’s Personal Existential Analysis (PEA) – a practical and methodological application of phenomenology. Existential coaching is an approach which applies models and methods rooted in the knowledge and experience of existential analytical psychotherapy. It provides a practical access for an essential development of the human being.


Olivier holds a MBA from the Paris Group IFG - Executive Education. 

He works with clients in a variety of industries including government, international affairs, consumer products, automotive, online, non-profit, financial and banking services.

He is a regular contributor to the VŠE HR MBA & Master programmes as well as the FR-CZ Chamber of Commerce Morning Leaders! Event.

Olivier lives in Czech Republic for more than 15 years.

+420 777 871 905 - olivier@peopletobusiness.cz    


OPP Certified MBTI® practitioner



European Individual Accreditation (EIA) - Certified Coach



ACE Practitioner, Certified Professional Coach Existential Coaching,

Existential Analysis, Logotherapy, Phenomenology



Mentor at the Nordic Chamber of Commerce



Lecturer Master HR, I.A.E Paris - Sorbonne Business School

Lecturer IFTG - Master Management et Administration des Entreprises (MBA - MAE)



Speaker at the Project Manager Chamber Conference - Communication strategy workshop