My aim is to create unique connection with people by sharing & creating meaningful ideas that impact and enrich our lives...


Helena's specialties include existential coaching & existential analysis, situational leadership, emotional intelligence, deep listening skills, team building and empowerment.

One of her coaching focus includes working with people to help them forge strong connections with themselves to live their inner truth with acceptance and courrage in their reality and to transcend their unconscious mechanisms with joy of development.

Over the past 10 years, Helena has developed and delivered many training programs and tools in these areas and uses this with her coaching clients.

She is a masterful trainer, with a very engaging style, who trains-the-trainers. She uses her expertise in training to help executives improve their leadership effectiveness by teaching them specific skills to enhance their performance.

Helena also works with people to identify and leverage their natural talents in order to maximize their contribution to their personal development and life’s existential meaning.

Helena holds:

  • A Master Degree in Psychology, Charles University Prague
  • Accreditation in Psychological Coaching, QED Group, ICF Certified
  • Existential Coaching, Leadership Academy – Alfried Langle