I dream of better future and want to help people dream of better future too; so that we can break boundaries, explore, fly higher, jump further, dream bigger, do better…


Bara has a unique ability to help people bring their dreams to life. Managers seek out her insight, common sense, optimism and passion in order to free themselves from old models of thinking and design a more purpose-driven future for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Bara brings more than 16 years of professional experience into a wide range of industries;  working with people in international business or education or media or public service.

Bara’s coaching, training, assessments and workshops focus on bringing more support to people through leveraging their strengths, providing space and trust for openness, identifying uniqueness in connections and interdependencies, seeking effectiveness in processes, and creating effective mediation with a deep care on follow-up with people.

In addition to leading her own business activities, Bara now helps organizations develop their people with a genuine touch of optimism and focus to results.  


Bara holds:

  • A MBTI practitioner qualification - OKA Associates, Fairfax, Virginia
  • ACE practitioner coaching certification - Coaching Systems, Prague
  • Master degree in international relations and diplomacy and foreign languages: English, Russian and French - VŠE in Prague.