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Thomas Schuh - Retail Manager AT, MUC, SK, CZ at Thomas Sabo

Passionate about fashion, Thomas enjoys the retail world of elegance & beauty. Passion is really the word that could best introduce Thomas, with a passion for good & strong coffee, passion for achievements and passion for his team with a key will to coach and develop his team members...more

Hana Machková - Rector - VŠE, University of Economics, Prague

These few words to introduce Hana should be written in French! Hana is an emblematic, respected and very active person in the world of University both in Czech Republic and France. Tireless enthusiastic and charismatic, extremely busy, Hana always tries to find some times to share a very pleasant moment with you...more

Jean-François Ott - Entrepreneur

Successful business enthusiast Jean-François owns a private equity investment firm and a five-star boutique hotel, with his Pachtuv Palac seating squarely in the heart of Prague. He's also enjoying wonderful life colours while making his wine from Provence- France, and while sipping a glass of his rosé Jean-François is answering our questions...more


Thomas Bordier - CEO Exapro

Born to be entrepreneur with Czech and French roots, curious and always in motion to understand things and how to get the best out of them, Thomas has this willingness to listen to others, always ready to help by sharing his own experiences as he is doing today with us… more




Alexandra Hurtová - Owner Choco café

At a turn of her business life, Alexandra grabbed an unexpected idea to satisfy a niche market, which was far from her own knowledge and skills. This made her to become Maitre Chocolatier after several years of hard work and to operate her own production of chocolate bars. Here at her café patisserie, the smell of cakes and chocolate perfume this interview…more


Eva Kadlecová - BMW CarTec Group Marketing Director & Rolls Royce Brand Director

Eva is a very enthusiastic and shining business woman as well as dedicated mother of a young boy. Eva seeks meaning and is very interested in other people’s motives, seeing life as a big complex puzzle where everything is connected. While enjoying pure leaves of a delicious tea, Eva is kindly answering to our questions...more



Ondřej Dušek - Partner Peterka & Partners

Influenced by his studies in France, Ondřej has definitely kept a French humour. Being polyglot and interested in cultures, he has a strong ability of adaption to any environments, which is very useful when you are an explorer like Ondřej, with his passion for mountains. The energy he takes when hiking in the mountains helps him to face the challenges of his role as Partner & Leader of Real Estate at the CEE Law Firm Peterka & Partners. In between 2 meetings, Ondřej shares with us .. more

Vlasta Šilarová - Executive Director REXY s.r.o.

Vlasta has this capacity to turn ideas into concept and concept into reality. Architect by education and passionate about design and retail, Vlasta marks successfully her path using her talents and creativity with her company REXY. A touch of pink, her favourite colour, brighten this interview…more

Christophe Beaujard - Managing Director peopleTObusiness

Christophe is passionate about to connect with people and to share ideas for a more meaningful world. Inspired by people’s passion to make their vision becoming true, Christophe is always full of energy to create warm and colourful moments, which help enjoy life in nice ways.

While preparing his bee hives to be ready for the coming Czech countryside winter, Chris is impatient to answer all the questions… more

Jérôme Poussin - Country Manager celio* Italy

Jérôme, has served more than a decade in the Retail world. Managing various businesses in CEE, and leading teams to achieve more they could have imagined. Jérôme is now engaged in his successful challenge based in Milano; and while listening to the latest Red Hot Chili Peppers album, he is kindly answering our following questions...more

Olivier Bauduin- Managing Director peopleTObusiness

Olivier fully embodies his reason of being, which is ‘to help others to really become great at what they do’. Being passionate about people and gifted to understand others, their situations or environments, Olivier cares and has this capacity to take you out of your comfort zone just to help you to improve or to get out of complex situations: it is a journey, where you feel guided. A small break during a coaching preparation, Olivier is sharing with us… more

Pavel Cmelik - Managing Director & Partner Inexad

How to fly from a London corporate career in Finance & Consulting to an entrepreneur’s life, becoming a central Europe Franchisee of international retailers? This could be the title of a book about Pavel’s last 10 years.… Very energetic business man, Pavel keeps his curious eyes always wide opened to new ideas to be transformed into retail realities...more

Miroslav Kubricht - Managing Director Yves Rocher CZ/SK

Could Miroslav’s experience as motorcycle racer help him to develop better trust and team spirit and to keep motivation to turn challenges into successes on a short or long run? At least on the long run, Miroslav has lead his career successfully from entrepreneur to executive positions for major international brands. With a very open and positive approach to share his experience, Miroslav is answering more...