WHY we propose this programme ?

Because in today’s complex and fast-paced work environment, businesses need HR leaders that are embracing changes. And we have the tools that will help you succeed as a transformational champion. During the last couple of years, the role of an HR leader has shifted toward strategic issues. Duties that can be easily outsourced are left to the third parties. So, the HR leader can fully concentrate on dealing with the biggest challenges HR departments face today: Leadership Development, Motivation, Retention and Company Culture.

WHO this programme is made for? 

Either you are a Specialist, Manager or Director within Human Resources field, this course is for you.


WHO is doing this programme?

You will deep dive into the uniqueness of each module’s topic with our Executive Coach, Olivier Bauduin.

HOW the programme is designed?

Our intensive 4 Module HR Leadership Course “Transform Your Capacity and Impact” consists of 4 x 2 full day modules.

We start at 9h00 and end at 17h00.

The whole HR Leadership Course consists of 4 modules with the following dynamics.

Self-development dynamics:

  • 10 hours of individual coaching session (with course lecturers or senior coaches, qualified by BE*GREAT)
  • 20 hours of practical work (case study or project work conducted by the participant)

Group development dynamics:

  • 10 hours of self-reflection in experiential group
  • 10 hours of supervision of the practical work (discussion of 3 cases from participants’ own practice)


It is important that the same group of 12 participants passes through all 4 modules. You will meet regularly throughout the training to work on understanding and applying the tools & concepts.

Feel free to join the cohort that suits you the best.

WHAT the modules are about?

Module 1HR & Leadership

  • The Role of HR Today (trends, shifts, new challenges)
  • What does “Leadership” means? (in general, in corporations, in HR department)
  • Me & My Leadership Journey: Becoming a Transformational Champion

Module 2 Communication & Personality Profiles

  • MBTI Personality Typology
  • Development of Types Dynamics
  • Real Business Situations: Theory in practice

Module 3 Coaching Relationships & Dialogue Attitudes

  • Coaching: The Successful Settings
  • How to Conduct a Coaching Dialogue
  • The 5 Key Team Principles: Concept & Applications

Module 4Fundamental Motivation: Existential meaning at work

  • Motivation at work: Drives & Values
  • Will-power & Engagement
  • The Study of Meaning: Crisis intervention, target setting, existential vacuum, change management

8 days 4 Module HR Leadership Course in English, in Prague 

4 Modules that Will Transform Your Capacity & Impact

Work-day edition

  • Module 1 - April 22nd l 23rd - 2020
  • Module 2 - May 27th l 28th - 2020
  • Module 3 - September 23rd l 24th - 2020
  • Module 4 - November 25th l 26th - 2020

There are still 6 spots available - Register here for Cohort #1

Weekend edition

We are preparing the weekend edition for the Leadership course.

The Module 1 will start in the weekend of May 30th l 31st - 2020.

Registrations are open- Register here for Cohort #2



We offer early bird price the 4 Module HR Leadership Course (cohort at your choice)

  • 74,000- KČ (+VAT) when registering by April 1st 2020.

The standard full price is 89,000-KČ (+VAT).

Contact us directly for designing a development programme dedicated to your needs.