Our aim is to help people be great at who they are and what they do.



Accordingly, we decided to engage in Pro Bono services by proposing during the same event



one workshop and the possibility to get one coaching for free, 



This Pro Bono event is called BEGIN and is limited to the summer-time 2019



Time around a coffee or a tea in our society is a moment when we do not work,



do not do shopping, do not produce anything,  and when we share and speak together



on subjects that can be critical and important in and for our lives,  therefore a moment out of the social discipline,



such a great break to breath a little…




So let’s have a “BEGIN” together, to get back the control of our time, of ourselves,



to take time to know what we are really doing…


BEGIN workshops will take place from 8h30 till 10h here are the dates, with each time a dedicated theme which will be shared and discussed during cca 1,5 hour - Worshop format with a small group of people.

Then just after BEGIN  workshop, for those who registered online and booked for one individual coaching session, the individual coaching sessions will follow, starting from 10h30 till 12h30, by sequence of 30, 40 or 60 minutes per person, number of individual coaching sessions will be limited to the 2 hours frame time, with the rule of first registered first coached. The individual coaching is limited to one coaching per person.

The topics we will discuss during BEGIN workshops shall be as various as: self-confidence, authenticity, guilt, how to get prepared for a job interview, how to run a recruitment interview, how to give and receive feedback, non-verbal & para-verbal expression, different preferences of focusing our energy, collecting information, taking decisions, and of managing our life style, and many more…

Please feel free to contact us and to propose some subjects you would like to see on the content list.

The Coaching sessions are for people in need to receive help. People facing professional and/or personal tensions like for example: Burn-out, stress at work, loss of interest in job, loss of work, starting a new job or getting promoted with anxiety/pressure to succeed, communication with management and team, and all of the personal subjects that preoccupy your mind these days…

Both BEGIN workshops & individual coaching sessions will be done in English or French by Olivier. The first date is on the Friday June 28th in our office. And meanwhile, feel free to be in touch with us, via LinkedIn or our Web, or directly contact us


BEGIN workshops & individual coaching might be for you and also please look around you and see if colleagues, friends, loved ones could be in need of help…

And to share with you, here are few examples of on-going coaching thematic:

  • A teenager: “I don’t know what I want to do after my exam, which university or which work, and I am under huge pressure from my parents…”
  • A manager: “further to a 360-feedback made by my company, I am challenged in my capacity to manage my team and to perform according to my boss expectations, and I don’t know by what to start first…”
  • An entrepreneur: “I feel alone as I can’t share my thoughts, feelings, doubts and situations neither with my team nor with my family…”

And other people say:

  • “I don’t like what I am doing, but I must do it otherwise we have no money for the family…”
  • “I don’t feel appreciated; I don’t feel understood…”
  • “I feel different: am I normal?”
  • “I need to communicate better with my team…”
  • “One of my team members does not perform well, I tried to help but no improvement so far, I can’t fire the person, what can I do to get engagement and commitment?”
  • “I need to manage a difficult company change…”
  • “I need to build trust…”