Counselling for Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems

How can counselling help with sleep problems?

Sleep is an essential aspect of our physical and mental functioning. It allows our body and mind to recharge and process the events of our increasingly complicated lives, leaving us feeling energised and prepared for another day. Yet, it is only when sleep becomes a problem that we realise just how important it is to our physiological and psychological health. Surprisingly, sleep disorder counselling and psychotherapy can be an effective method to help individuals overcome sleep problems. Your therapist can help you to explore the underlying issues, helping you to examine potential stresses and lifestyle choices that could be affecting your sleeping patterns. They can also teach you relaxation techniques that may help you to switch off before you go to bed.

Benefits of counselling:

  • Discover the underlying root causes of your sleeping problem
  • Examines patterns in your sleeping
  • Explores factors in your lifestyle that could exacerbate sleeping problems
  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Targets anxieties that may prevent you from going to sleep.

Information guide to sleep problems

Sleep problems affect a huge number of people and can lead to a number of physiological and psychological problems. Yet, they can also be indicative of pre-existing issues. For example, depression, anxiety and stress can all lead to problematic sleep. This can lead to a vicious cycle whereby individuals can become severely distressed due to lack of sleep, which can then prevent them from going to sleep in future, leading to depression and so on.  However, the amount of sleep a person requires varies substantially from person to person. Whilst it is often quoted that humans require eight hours of sleep per night, each individual is different.  Age, diet and our levels of physical and mental activity all affect how much sleep we require and so ultimately what is sufficient for one person may not be for another. However, if you are suffering from one of the issues listed opposite, then you may benefit from sleep disorder counselling.