Programmes for HR professionals

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 Transform Your Capacity & Impact

This Human Resources & Human Relations Programmes provide insight into the existing (and possibly outdated) ways of working that pose a limit on our effectiveness and introduce new foundational principles, perspectives, and practices that will leave you more powerful, focused, and productive.

These programmes are designed for HR professionals looking to level-up their capacity to skilfully manage everything that comes at them each day.

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Programmes are designed including the following concepts, tools, and methods:

  • 1-to-1 Executive Coaching Sessions
  • Communication Strategy Model
  • MBTI©
  • The 5 Key Team Principles
  • The Search for Meaning Method

Evolve to Solve
We support HR leaders in being the real deal – ensuring all stakeholders thrive while businesses rise.

    We begin with listening. Listening allows us to co-create relevant solutions to achieve what is of utmost importance to our daily intensive communications & relationships.
    Our practice is balanced with kindness & challenges. By bringing to light HR Professionals innate wisdom, we help them to courageously face their own reality & situations.
    Our work is human work. We bring human connection, deep responsibility, and creation to the business world for a thriving and responsible HR leadership.
    Our work is about achieving new futures. Performance is not a function of individuals, but rather a collaboration of all stakeholders, considering their perspectives & commitments.
    We guide organisational leaders, dynamically responding to company ‘s needs.
    New insights inspire new actions. Performance is shaped by one’s orientation to themselves, others and the world. Our transformative work shifts that orientation and provides access to unprecedented results.