business coaching

Business Coaching

Different types of business coaching
Coaching can be used for various purposes. Get in touch to schedule an Exploratory Conversation

Coaching can take place face to face, both one to one and in small groups, or it can be delivered Online via video conference using Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp.

Executive Coaching:

Coaching programme for Executives & HR professionals. And, as executive coach I am specifically qualified to work with C-Suite and Senior VPs to address the unique challenges these clients face. I work with executives at the level of impacting change in the entire organisation.

Executive Coaching strengthens strategic intelligence by aligning rational, emotional, intuitive, and relational intelligence.

Focus areas may include:

  • Accomplishing strategic initiatives
  • Creating alignment
  • Developing cultures of accountability and trust
  • Establishing cross-functional collaboration

Leadership Coaching
An organisation has many key levels of leadership beyond the executive level that face the challenge of elevating performance in themselves and their people.

I work with leaders to:

  • Build a culture of trust
  • Create an environment where people want to engage
  • Develop new ways of communicating that move things forward
  • Be highly accountable and lead others in being highly accountable

Transition Coaching
I smooth and elevate the change process for professionals at transition points in their career – changing companies, making lateral career changes, renegotiating work-life balance, pursuing a promotion, navigating a demotion, preparing to retire and promote a new CEO, or other big developments.

By powerfully completing the past era and purposely generating the one that lies ahead, my clients see hidden opportunities and take conscious steps into an impactful, fulfilling future of their own design.

Transition coaching sessions often include:

  • Distinguishing fundamental commitments
  • Uncovering and addressing unresolved betrayals of trust
  • Innovative thinking about critical decisions
  • Reimagining of what is possible in one’s life
  • Mapping the actions required to generate a new, committed future

Career Coaching:

Programme designed to help individuals deal with professional change.

Coaching activities focus on the individual’s career concerns, with the coach eliciting and using feedback on the individual’s capabilities as part of a discussion of career options. The process leads to increased clarity, personal change and forward action.

including :

  • Career & CV review
  • Search for Professional Life Purpose
  • Preparation for Recruitment Interviews
  • Boost Self-Confidence & Trust in Oneself

Performance Coaching:

Coaching activities here are aimed at enhancing an individual’s performance in their current role at work, to increase their effectiveness and productivity at work.

Generally, Performance Coaching derives its theoretical underpinnings and models from business and sports psychology as well as general psychological theory.

Skills Coaching: 

This form of coaching focuses on the core skills you need to perform in your role.

  • Presentation,
  • Delegation,
  • Team Mgt,
  • Conflict,
  • Team Principles,
  • Meetings,
  • First-100-Days,
  • On-boarding,
  • Feedback…

Coaching programmes are tailored specifically to the individual and are generally focused on achieving a number of skill development objectives that are linked to the needs of the organisation.

Team Coaching:

Coaching in its role as facilitator is particularly valuable during Team key momentum

  • Company Changes
  • “End-Start” of Financial Year
  • Merger
  • Key Business Challenges

And coaching a team before a strategic presentation can dramatically improve performance – as well as a collective sense of stronger self-confidence and willingness to succeed.

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